The Associates Award: Teresa Sullivan for Advice, Monique Lehman for Mozart’s Cloak, Annie de Vuono for Blast to a Hero
The Circle Award:  Dorothy Bird for Mindfield
The Artists’ Studio Award:  Greg Orloff for Conatus Corset





First Place:  Teresa Burrows for Caribou Women in Her Flowers Ceremonial Robe
Second Place:  Sue Bradley for My Father’s Coat
Third Place:  Linda Sage for Billy Shakespeare’s Bathrobe
Most Unusual Use of Materials: Paul Church and Wesly Johnson for Maplewood Gown 
 Honourable Mention: Robin Bergman for Boiled Cashmere Paisley Coat and Scarf, Geoffrey Krist for Cloak, Patti Barker for Mosaic Nuno Felted Cloak, Kris Campau for Dresspresso, Galina Mihaleva for Textile Memoryscape, Margarete Palz for Blue Diamond





First Place: Hsinyu Chu for Northern Solstice Purse
Second Place: Christine Newberry for Puzzle Necklace
Third Place: Shiyun Chen for Skin
 Unusual Use of Materials: Jacqueline Lung for Akira
Honourable Mention: Christine Engleberger for Ewelina, Priscilla Troy for Summer Parasol, Fiona Kakai Chong for Wreath, Vacide Erda Mimic for Ira Napoleon Handbag, Christine Clausen for Aztec





First Place: Marianne Hunter, for In a Far Garden
Second Place: Donald Fredrick for Aqua Series Brooch
Third Place: Svetlana Kossman for Halcyon
 Unusual Use of Materials: Cary Gaspar for Ball Pins
Honourable Mention: Rea Rossi for Resound, Betty Stephan for Carousel of Time, Douglas Wunder for Untitled Bracelet, Jeanie Pratt for Mimicry #11, Emile Pritchard for Colored Squares, Giancarlo Montebello for Over